Jennifer Keys
Jason was one of the first people I noticed in the party scene. He was always dancing blissfully, albeit to his own version of the song. He was such a gentle person, he was quiet and respectful of everyone. Not everyone returned the favor.

I remember being at a party where he was playing some great ambient at about 7 a.m. Someone asked him to turn it off so they could sleep, he was like, "I'm the DJ, this is a party," but in such a respectful way that the requestor didn't even realize they had just been admonished.

Jason was also an incredible collaborator of mine on the website for the Lake Washington Human Resources Association. He wrote the back end of the site, allowing us to have online job postings and meeting registration before many other non profits. He was even able to explain to a luddite like me how to edit his code.

Jason was a great force for DanceSafe as well. He was a great source of knowledge. I miss him and hope he is free from the pain he experienced. I can't wait to meet him dancing in the next existence. - Jennifer Keys