Lara Schneider
Hello friends, I just wanted to thank everyone that was at Jason's memorial at the little park yesterday. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Birds singing, sun shining, tears shared, memories held dear ..and also the people that couldn't show up, who gave much love and many blessings in spirit, from near and far. There was a memorial in San Francisco on a beach, as well, where I know many memories and thoughts were shared, as we did here in Seattle. Please send my thanks to any of the lists, because I don't have access to some of them. Thank you. Remember the next time you dance, to realize how much space and freedom you have to do so... Every dancer is trained to "use their space". And as we all know, Jason pushed this idea to the max, able to express himself by running all around and twirling where there was most room...under the stars and sun. much love Lara