Tracy Scott
I honestly can't remember when I first met Jason. He just seems like one of those people I have just always known. I know that I started DanceSafe in 1999, so that is the first memory that sticks out with a date. He was one of the original memebers and webmasters for a long time. He refused to use Microsoft products...which caused problems for future webmasters (grin), but we all respected his principles and ideals. He later worked with the National DanceSafe office with their website and tech issues. I think that was around 2000-01.

Somewhere along the line he became involved with [inertia labs], say around 2000. [il] was probably at their peak around 2001.

He was always soft-spoken, but I could tell he was constantly thinking, analyzing, creating. He was quietly subversive...contemplative. He pushed boundaries, was a political activist, socially aware, environmentally conscious, witty, imaginative.

Two memories of his subtle rebellion and thought-provoking humor stick out for me. I believe it was the second Phoenix Festival. On one of the flyers or promos it was stated that elephants were not allowed. So what does Jason bring to the ambient area? A giant, stuffed blue elephant! I am sure the humor was lost on many people, but I thought it was genius...and I still have that elephant...and it makes me smile everytime I see it.

The second memory I have is one of the rally's at Westlake. Most of the electronic music commnunity was their in street clothes or in "raver" clothes. But not Jason. He wanted to push his statement one step further. He came dressed in a suit and tie and danced with his trademark flair, passion, and gusto. He challenged everyone's ideas of what a "raver" was. It was beautiful. - Tracy Scott