Ecstasy Research Theatre
Ecstacy Research Theatre is, or was, an interdisciplinary performance group devoted to the celebration of everything that matters. Organizational difficulties have forced us to close shop for the time being. For those who may be interested in joining us in our next reincarnation, here's a little of what we're about:

Ecstasy Research Theatre seeks to take theatre back to its roots in pagan ritual and sacrament, back to its sacred origins in the festivals of Dionysus. We dream of refinding a theatre which is not separate from magic and holiness, for we remember a time when humanity had not yet imposed a distinction between the power of its gods and the power of art. This memory is in each of us, however dim. This memory is the life blood of theatre. This memory is why we are still drawn to the theatre. We crave that Dionysian power that first inspired human beings to view the universe with awe.

Ecstasy Research Theatre will perform in the desert, in the forest, on mountain tops, in wastelands and sacred groves. Wherever wildnerness still dances her bacchic rituals beneath a goddess sky. For it is here, far from the comforts and anaesthesias of civilization, that we hope to communicate with something deeper inside of you, and with something deeper inside of ourselves. We vow to rediscover that quirk in the ancient mind that first made art on cave walls, that first painted the human body, that first dreamed. Ecstasy Research Theatre is about finding the giants on whose shoulders our contemporary imagination stands.

We are looking for musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, fools, thaumaturges, exhibitionists, demigods, daemons, & other creative beings to join us for some serious creative play.

There is a play, entitled "Ecstasy Research Theatre," written by Jason Lamport. It is available in either HTML or AppleWorks formats.

You can also peruse excerpts from our first (and unsuccessful) grant proposal.