Class ClassTester

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.util.Collection, java.util.List, java.util.RandomAccess,

public final class ClassTester
extends java.util.Vector

A class for running unit tests on classes which implement the _Testable interface. A ClassTester is a Vector which contains a list of classes to test. Each element in the ClassTester must be an object which "refers" to a class which implements the _Testable interface. An object "refers" to such a class in one of three ways:

  1. The object is an instance of the class.
  2. The object is an instance of java.lang.Class which encapsulates the class.
  3. The object is a String containing the fully-qualified name of the class. (Remember: nested classes must be specified as "outerClass$innerClass", not as "outerClass.innerClass"!)
Note that ClassTester does not implement _Testable and therefore cannot explicitly be used to test itself. However, it does run a number of internal self-tests whenever run_tests() is called.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class java.util.Vector
capacityIncrement, elementCount, elementData
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Constructor Summary
ClassTester(java.util.Collection objects_to_test)
Method Summary
 void clear_messages()
 java.lang.String get_messages()
          Get diagnostic messages.
 boolean run_tests()
          Tests all of the classes in this ClassTester (by calling the static _test_class() methods of each one).
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Constructor Detail


public ClassTester(java.util.Collection objects_to_test)


public ClassTester()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String get_messages()
Get diagnostic messages.

a String containing possibly useful diagnostic messages.


public void clear_messages()


public boolean run_tests()
                  throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
Tests all of the classes in this ClassTester (by calling the static _test_class() methods of each one).

true on success, false otherwise. On failure, get_messages() may contain useful diagnostic messages.