These are the Java projects that I'm currently working on, in my copious free time.


com.strangelight These are all of my own personal Java projects.
com.strangelight.db A framework for encapsulating our database.
com.strangelight.misc.hex So, I came home from the Extreme Programming thing last night, got kind of baked and decided that the problem my programming partner had presented might be a fun doodle with which to while away an hour or two before bed.
com.strangelight.salsa This java package defines a set of utility wrappers for getting the MacOS "look and feel" using AWT.
com.strangelight.servlet A simple servlet framework and various servlet-related utility classes, including classes for accessing the SQL database.
com.strangelight.servlets.admin This servlet will provide various server-administration functionality.
com.strangelight.servlets.index This servlet provides an index of the servlets publically available on this server.
com.strangelight.servlets.TaskMaster This servlet will provide high-level, multi-user time- and task-management tools.
com.strangelight.servlets.TextEdit This servlet allows simple text-editing of files on the web server.
com.strangelight.unit_test A simple unit test framework.
com.strangelight.util Contains miscellaneous utility classes (a FilenameFilter, a simple profiling tool, various Exception classes).
com.strangelight.xml Wrappers for Sun's hideous XML API.


These are the Java projects that I'm currently working on, in my copious free time. If you are interested in obtaining the source code or other information about them, please contact me at

Please note that these are all works-in-progress, and as such these APIs are far from complete, and may change radically in the future.